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About Us

Rockland Jewish Family Service provides compassionate, professional human services to help people overcome challenges and live their lives to the fullest.
The programs and services we provide to people of all faiths in Rockland include:
• Family-Based Clinical Counseling Services
• Social Skills & Beyond
• Older Adult Services
• Kosher Food Pantry
• Holocaust Survivor Support
• Jewish Community Outreach

Rockland Jewish Family Service has been providing counseling, support and assistance to individuals, families, groups and communities since 1987.

We are here for you!


STAFF Title Extension Email
Maria Dowling Chief Executive Officer 148
Leslie Goldress Fundraising Chairperson 177
Lisa Katz Food Pantry Coordinator 140
Christine Knorr, LCSW Clinician 150
Michele Koenig, LPC, LMFT Director Clinical Programs 141
Susan Koenig Older Adult Services Administrative Coordinator 514
Roberta Leitner Coordinator of Volunteers Services 152
Lauren Lipoff Chief Operating Officer 143
Stephanie Maddalena Administrative Assistant 140
Kathryn Samalin Event Coordinator 177
Rita Weingold Office Manager 153
Doris Zuckerberg Director, Older Adult Services 198
Elaine Apter, LCSW Clinician 145
Susan Conry Older Adult Social Worker 146
Silvia Farkas, LCSW Clinician 266
Eve Freeman, LCSW Clinician 613
Debbie Kagan-Birkeland Older Adult Social Worker 256
Carol King, LCSW Clinician 142
Steve Levy, Ph.D. Clinical Supervisor
Gwyn Murray Older Adult Social Worker 126
Nancy Steckler, Ph.D. Psychologist 634
Jeanne Weiner, LCSW Clinician 144