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Community Services

Rockland Jewish Family Service / Community Services
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Rhoda Bloom Kosher Food Pantry

One in six Americans is affected by “food insecurity” – the lack of consistent, dependable access to food due to limited money or resources. Rockland Jewish Family Service works to alleviate hunger in our community through the Rhoda Bloom Kosher Food Pantry, which delivers healthy, kosher food to anyone in need in Rockland. To read more about the Rhoda Bloom Kosher Food Pantry please click here 

Outreach Committee

The outreach committee consists of volunteers and RJFS staff who work together to develop and implement the various outreach programs we offer. These include Slick Club, A Jewish Cultural Club for adults with developmental disabilities, Share-a-Shabbat; the RJFS/ARC Collaborative; Send-a-Friend; and our newest endeavor, Traditions, which brings Jewish culture and celebrations to individuals with Alzheimer’s disease and their caregivers.


This program is geared to elderly, usually home-bound individuals or families, who desire to share Shabbat rituals and dinner and are unable to do so on their own. Kosher food is provided for the monthly meal on a designated Friday, with one alternate date. The volunteer(s) pick up the meals on the afternoon of the designated date and bring them to the home of the recipients. The Shabbat rituals are performed and the volunteer(s) and recipients eat their meals together. This provides a double mitzvah for the recipients and the volunteers who enjoy the companionship and rituals of the Shabbat at the same time.

RJFS/ARC Collaboration

In collaboration with Rockland ARC and synagogues in the area, RJFS volunteers celebrate Jewish holidays with group homes in the County. A synagogue is matched with an individual group home and volunteers visit and plan events to celebrate Jewish holidays throughout the year. There is always a Chanukah and Purim celebration, as well as a summer Bar-B-Que.